Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda

Published on Sunday, 8/6/17, at 12:00 pm EST.

Updated on Tuesday, 8/8/17, at 10:30 am EST.  Article is now #1 in Google for the phrase “Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda”.  My friend found the article and posted the picture to my Facebook page.


This is a small experiment to see how quickly I can rank in Google for the term “Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda.”  On Wednesday, 8/2/17, I made a Facebook post asking my friends to search for that phrase.  Unfortunately at that time, there were zero results to display.

Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda

Facebook Post Asking to Search For The Term “Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda”

The phrase “Tatum and Zoe play Zelda” is not highly searched for Google.  When you search for something that Google can not find an answer for, it will provide you with results that are close due to sharing a few words or phrases from your search term.  At the time this article was published, no one had setup a website or webpage to attract for that exact phrase.  That is leading factor to the no results found in the Google results.

Measuring Search Engine Traffic

Before posting this article, I did some research to measure how many times certain phrases are searched for in Google. Both tools I use to measure traffic on certain phrases came back with zero searches for “Tatum and Zoe play Zelda”.

Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda Long Tail Pro Zero Searches

Long Tail Pro Search For My Phrase | August 2017


Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda Zero Adwords Searches

Adwords Search For My Phrase | August 2017


I use Long Tail Pro, a paid keyword research program, and Google Keyword Planner, a free tool within Adwords, to be able to see how often certain terms are actually searched for.  The most desired spots to have your website show up are going to be in the first 3 spots, just below the ads spots.

Tatum And Zoe Play Zelda

Click Percentage Chances By Search Engine Position

Those top 3 spots account for almost 60% of the action on the entire page.  People are actually less likely to click to go to page 2 to continue searching if they do not find the answers they are looking for.  They will go back and search for another term more often than they actually click to go to the next page of results.

Interesting Search Engine Numbers

  • The first spot in the results that is not an ad gets over 35% of clicks on the web page.  Second is about 13%, 7th gets 3.5% of all clicks.
  • The average Click Through Rate of the First 10 spots is 208%.  That means that Google users are twice as likely to click a link that show up in those first 10 spots.
  • Page 1 results enjoy a whopping 95% of all search engine traffic.
  • That means that everything after page 1 only gets 5% off all search engine traffic.  Users are only about 3% likely to go past page 1.
  • Women are 53% more likely to click on a paid ad results versus men.

“The best place to hide a dead body, is on page 2 of Google results” – Dharmesh Shah

Why Is Google So Important?

Google simply accounts for the majority of all search engine traffic.  Think about it, who do you turn to when you have a problem?  Most people are likely to open up their favorite internet browser and “Google” their question or problem.

According to Net Market Share, Google currently holds 81.12% off all desktop search engine traffic as of August 2017. Change that to mobile/tablet traffic and they hold 94.14% of all search engine traffic.

Access to the internet is easier than ever through smartphones and other devices, so hopefully you can see where having your information show up in front of the appropriate crowd can be highly beneficial.  And not showing up on page 2 or higher, but showing up in one of those highly coveted top 3 positions on page 1.  Especially if you had a business or product to sell, imagine how the ability to show up in those spots can drastically affect your bottom line.

Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda

This leads us back to Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda.  Since the phrase had zero searches and returned no results, how long will it take for this article to be in the number one spot in Google?

Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda

Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda on the Nintendo Switch

What This Means For You

With Google controlling as much of the search engine market as they do, imagine if I were to change the term “Tatum and Zoe play Zelda” to something else?  There are literally endless possibilities for the things that we are able to search for online.  What kind of things do you ask or have asked Google?

This is my American Heart Association First Aid and CPR training classes website.  I have an office off of Salem Road in Conyers.  Being so close to Covington, it is very important for this website to show up in the top spots if someone searches for anything closely related to CPR classes in the area.

If you were to search for the terms “Conyers CPR Classes” or “Covington CPR Classes“, my website is going to show up either as a featured listing (with pictures or listed on map options) or in the first 3 spots.  This does not happen by chance, but through some effort and design to make the website search engine friendly so that it shows up better in the rankings.

I would estimate that close to 80% of the people who find my CPR website find it through a search engine.  Of that traffic to my website, 90% of it is from Google alone.  I have had students from as far away as South Carolina, Athens, Rome, Macon, Perry, Valdosta and even Hawaii find my website and then pay for a seat in one of my classes.


As you can see, I can do the design, setup, and search engine optimization part of things.  What I need help with is filling in the gaps of the design with information.  By writing your own articles, you can earn some extra money by working with me to publish your work.  The money you earn can be per article written or over the lifetime that the article produces income from advertising.  It all depends on you and how hard you want to work.

My goal here is to help empower you to write about subjects that solve problems that Google does not currently do a good job of solving.  In doing so, I can drive search engine traffic to the site and monetize the information so that we can both benefit.

Websites can generate income that is paid out every single month as long as the site is up and running.  I can show you examples of people who made websites 5+ years ago, do no upkeep or updating, and still make $500 a month from advertisements for their work.

If you are interested in learning more about working with me to publish websites and earning some extra money, please send me a Facebook message.


Tatum and Zoe Play Zelda

AHA Classes Offered in Conyers, Emory, and Marietta.  ACLS, BLS, CPR, First Aid, and PALS classes available.